The Unique Of Russian Country

Have you ever vacationed in a Russian country ??? Whatever you find there, is there something strange and unique that you meet there. And is there a place that you think is obligatory to visit. Those are some of the questions that you might often get from several people when you visit Russia.

But actually there is something unique in the country of Russia. I found some peculiarities that were unique about the Russian state, from my knowledge and information that I heard, there were some peculiarities that were unique. The peculiarities of the Russian state are unique:

1. Russia does not have a vice president

If usually every country has a leadership called the president, and of course the president will not work alone. The President will be assisted by his representative. But unlike the Russian state, it does not have a vice president in Russia. The president works with the help of his ministers without a representative.

This is because there has been a dispute between the president and the vice president. With the dispute, the Russian president himself does not allow the existence of a vice president. So the president is only assisted by his ministers.

2. Women are far more than men

In the Russian country the most population is women, there we will only find a few men. We can’t even find a man there. Therefore there are many women who are not married, and indeed did not decide to marry. Because looking at the smaller male population and avoiding disputes and disputes between other women.

So that there are many women who become men, namely working, farming and doing things that should be done by most men.

4. Prison guarded by dogs

Prison is one very bad place. Because prisons are a place for criminals, anyone who commits evil and violates government rules will certainly be imprisoned. By knowing his name, maybe we are afraid and certainly do not want to be in that place.

But it turns out that despite being afraid and unwilling to go to the place, there are still many people who commit crimes, is this because prisons are not as scary as we imagine. Then how is the dungeon creepy ??

Try if we look in Russia, in Russia there are prisons where the prison is guarded by very large dogs, maybe if we imagine it would be very scary.

In Russia, every prison will have a guard but not a human but rather a large dog weighing around 90 kg and with a height of 1.68 m. Usually this dog is called Caucasia Moutain Shephered.

5. Restaurant Mc. Donald is the biggest in the world

Maybe you’ve already eaten at one of these places, namely at Mc. Donald in Indonesia. But have you visited Mc. Donald in Russian country ??

In Russia it is one of the largest places in the world for Mc restaurants. Donald. This restaurant is very large which is by having a very spacious room and a lot of equipment which is like a chair of around 1500.

6. The longest train rail

If you take a walk in Russia it is not wrong to go to one of the stations in Russia, there you will find one of the longest rails in the world, with a rail length of around 9200 km. With the length of the rail you can enjoy a long journey while seeing the sights in Russia.

7. Have super fast transportation

Besides having the longest rail in the world, Russia also has super fast transportation. Transportation consists of buses, trains and other public vehicles. the speed that is produced from the transportation is very large, which is only one way for very long distances only takes 90 seconds. Wow, it’s not very fast.